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Submitting multiple form

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Hi there,

I have a details report datapage, which is quite lengthy.  Part of the form asks a user to assign a task to a colleague from a dropdown, and we wish for that colleague to receive an email informing them of their assignment.  We only wish the email to be sent IF the person in this section changes.  And we wish to have 4 different dropdowns for 4 different roles in the project.  I've resigned myself to the fact that each of these selections will need to live in a separate datapage, in order to have control over the emails, and to not send emails every time the overall form is updated.  I've got this all working fine, and the dropdown sections with their own GO button to update.  This updates the colleague selection in the main form on page refresh after submit, but the problem is that if any other fields in the rest of the form are changed, then this work is then lost.   I wish for the main form to also be updated, if one of the other forms is updated.  But not the other way around.  E.g.:

Datapage1MainForm - submit only updates this datapage

Datapage2Dropdown - submit updates this datapage and Datapage1MainForm

Datapage3Dropdown - submit updates this datapage and Datapage1MainForm

Etc etc.

I've done this so far, only because I don't actually know the numbers of the forms on the page (there are forms in my header etc), and just want to experiment with submitting all of them:

<input class="AssignSubmitButton" id="Submit" name="Submit" onmouseout="cbButtonHover(this,'cbSubmitButton');" onmouseover="cbButtonHover(this,'cbSubmitButton_hover');" onclick="submitallforms();" type="submit" value="GO" style="margin-top: -4px;>
function submitallforms() {

This script resides in an html block in Datapage2Dropdown, and it is only submitting that datapage.

Does anyone have any ideas?  

I have used autosubmitting and passing parameters for other pages, but I don't think that will work here, I simply want to be able to update 2 forms at once.

Many thanks


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