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Hi there,

I have 2 tables that I'm passing parameters between using a redirect and auto-submit.

In the datapage, the user can assign a star rating which is updated in the main table.  I wish to pass that parameter to my second table (via the redirect / auto-submit) ONLY if it has changed ...

At the moment, the field is called "QA_Tester_Rating" in both tables and it is passing fine from the redirect etc to the 2nd table.  Do I want to set up a script in my first datapage or second, to look for changes in the field and only pass the figure if it has changed?  I want the field to be blank in my table if there are no changes.

Any help much appreciated!





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Is the first page details page? If yes you can add a calculated field to read the value of the rating and see if the new one is different.

If not, in the second page receive the parameter in a variable first and also create another variable to compare these two values. If it if not the same then save the new one.

var current = document.getElementById('QA_Tester_Rating').value;
var newvalue = '[@parametername]';
  if ( current != newvalue){
    document.getElementById('QA_Tester_Rating').value = newvalue; 
    f_Submit ();
      } else {
      f_Submit (); 
      function f_Submit (){


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