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Inserts and Grid Edit/Spreadsheet Mode



I have a Report datapage where users can insert records.  If they click the 'Spreadsheet Mode' button, they are able to easily update existing records.  This mode also seems to expose a row for adding records just like in the regular mode but entering values results in the error


"Invalid entry in one or more fields.  Roll over the error icon for information on how to correct each field"

But no fields have an error icon.  I have exposed all fields including the primary key which is set to autonumber but nothing is flagged as having an error.  The page includes some calculated fields.  The editable values entered are unique and there are no foreign key issues.


If Grid Edit does allow adding records, is there a configuration I missed?

If Grid Edit does not allow adding records, is there a way I can hide or block the extra row that is exposed so users can't attempt to add a record when in Spreadsheet Style?

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