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Time/Date Display Rules for Sections in a Details Report Datapage


I need to display a link after a certain time/date (essentially "now" compared to the date entered in the record) in a table. (IF date.table IS AFTER NOW then show this link: http:...)

Using rules and sections seems to make the most sense, except I can't figure out the criteria settings. : Condition, Operator, Value. 

If it's possible to do this right in the HTML/JS, that's cool too.  (the script checks to see if someone has completed the form, and displays one of two different links)

if ('[@field:connect_PIF_ER_eval_complete]'.length<3) {
document.write('<a href="https://www.seaetc.com/participant-dashboard/event-evaluation/?ER_ID=[@field:ER_Events_1_ER_ID]&Ev_Type=[@field:ER_Events_1_Event_Type]&join_ID=[@calcfield:1]" class="et_pb_button_caspio_compeval">Complete Evaluation</a>');
else {
document.write('<a href="../participant_certificate.php?fn=[@authfield:First_Name]&ln=[@authfield:Last_Name]&cred=[@authfield:Credentials]&er=[@field:ER_Events_1_Title]&date=[@field:ER_Events_1_ER3*]&ce=[@field:ER_Events_1_ER17_Total]"  target="_blank" class="et_pb_button_caspio_viewcert">View Certificate</a>');



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Hello Clint,

I would suggest using Calculated field with logic Case statement i.o. Rules and custom Javascript.

There is a small trick how you could display a link. You should put the Calculated field value in HTML block as HTML.

Hope this helps.




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