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Hiding columns including aggregation rows in Datapage



Posted in the wrong section.

I have a datapage where I'm hiding some columns of calculated fields using CSS below. 

#target table:nth-of-type(2) td:nth-of-type(10)  {display: none;}
#target table:nth-of-type(2) th:nth-of-type(10)  {display: none;}
#target table:nth-of-type(2) td:nth-of-type(11)  {display: none;}
#target table:nth-of-type(2) th:nth-of-type(11)  {display: none;}

That works great, but it doesn't hide the columns in the aggregation rows so I have an overhang of dark grey in my table (see picture). Capture.JPG.27941dc587b69afbd95f1b5ccaa1b725.JPG


I think the problem is that in the totals rows, text spans multiple columns, so it's not really column 10 and 11 I have to hide in these rows. Does anyone know how to target these cells and hide them? 

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If I understand correctly you need to hide the full column, you can try this code:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var stl='none';
var tbl = document.querySelectorAll('table[id^="cbTable"]')[0]; 
var rows = tbl.getElementsByTagName('tr');
for (var row=1; row<rows.length;row++)
var cels = rows[row].getElementsByTagName('td');

rows = tbl.getElementsByTagName('tr');
for (var row=0; row<rows.length;row++)
var cels = rows[row].getElementsByTagName('th');


Please note that the index for column starts at zero(0). So, if you will applying this code you need to set the cels[] number properly of the column that you want to hide. Example: You have 3 columns and you want to hide the last column, the cels[] must be set like this:      cels[2]

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