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Display field from another table based on dropdown

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Hi there,

Ideally I want to use a cascading text area, but apparently only a text field is available as a cascading element.  I am using a virtual field and dropdown from lookup table to find the field I want in a table, and then I want to display a full text area from that table on my page (and possibly an image from that table too).

Is this doable using javascript?  I don't know how to access the correct table as my datapage is obviously linked to the wrong table.

Many thanks



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Thanks for your reply!

However this doesn't work.  It's creating a text area and hiding the text field, which is fine, but my original dropdown isn't displaying, so the text area is empty.  

Any ideas?

To clarify:

My Datapage reads from the table "Cards"

My dropdown is Virtual15 and reads from table "DataSources" (parent field in js)

My cascading text field is Virtual16 and uses Virtual15 as parent field (virtual field in js)

The text area I've created as part of the instructions is Virtual17 (text area in js)

Hope you can help!

Many thanks


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