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Calculate on report details page


I'm trying to calculate the number of hrs on a report details page.  Its simply (hrs_removed - hrs_installed) nothing fancy.


Here is the code I'm trying to use in the footer of my report details page.



 function calculate()
var v_field1 = parseFloat(document.getElementById ("EditRecordhrs_removed").value);
if (isNaN(v_field1)) v_field1 = 0;
var v_field2 = parseFloat(document.getElementById ("EditRecordhrs_installed").value);
if (isNaN(v_field2)) v_field2 = 0;
var v_total = (v_field1 - v_field2);
document.getElementById("EditRecordhrs_total").value = (v_total);



Trying to get it populate the hrs_total field after putting in the hrs_removed and hrs_installed and before submitting the form.

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