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Timestamp using Java




I was hoping someone could help me with creating some javascript. I have no knowledge of it whatsoever but it appears to be the only solution to my problem without using a pop up calendar (which seems to take forever on my pc to come up).

I want a timestamp to be put against all my submissions, but I only want DD/MM/YY recorded, and not DD/MM/YY HH:MM as is currently the set up in caspio. I wish to sort my results by day, but at the minute if I do a sort based on the current timestamp they will sort by day by hour by minute. I want my results to show the best price per day (eg Monday) as opposed to by minute the data was entered.

I have tried to amend the sample javascript given in the tutorial but I am not having much success. Can anyone give me a helping hand?

This was my last attempt (please don't laugh):- (my timestamp field is called "date", and it is an update datapage)


//(1) Declaration and initialization

Stamp = new Date();

var v_TimeStamp;

//(2) Construct the value of the v_TimeStamp variable in the format mm/dd/yyyy

v_TimeStamp=('' + (Stamp.getMonth() + 1) +"/"+Stamp.getDate()+ "/"+Stamp.getFullYear();

//(3) Field name - Date is referred with a prefix - EditRecord



Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hello dongtac,

Have you considered to use Timestamp data type within your table?


You can define date formatting in field advanced section in Datapage wizard:


Hope this helps.

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