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Printing webpage with multiple datapages and PDF files

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We have a webpage consisting of multiple datapages. Some datapages contain HTML. Some datapages contain images. Some datapages contain uploaded PDF files. The PDF files may be 1 to 15 pages long. We can print the entire webpage and the datapages with images print fine. However, we can't figure out how to print the webpage AND the PDF files with a single print button. 

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Hi everyone!  Caspio has new update and enhancement about PDF Documents. You can now insert PDF documents on results pages in addition to details pages. You can now as well customize the “Download PDF” action link using the associated style and localization, or create a custom display during DataPage configuration.

It is available in R31 version: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-31-0/

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Hi all,

Feel free to use the following solution:
1. Create an HTML datapage, go to the Source mode, deploy other datapages there using an iframe deployment method, and add the code for the PDF link:
<a href="[@cbprotocol][@cbbridgeservername]/PDFGen.aspx?AppKeys=DPAppKey1,DPAppKey2" target="_blank"><img src="[@cbprotocol]static.caspio.com/bridge/images/PDF_print.png" alt="Download as PDF" border="0"/></a>

2. Replace “DPAppKey1” with the AppKey of the DataPage 1

3. Replace “DPAppKey2” with the Appkey of the DataPage 2

4. You can also choose to display a different PDF icon by replacing the default icon URL “[@cbprotocol]static.caspio.com/bridge/images/PDF_print.png” with your own icon URL

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