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Authentication in a modal window?



Hi all, 

I'm trying to do authentication in a modal window. It works fine on the happy path, as in the user inputs valid credentials . However, if a user puts in bad credentials or no credentials, the page refreshes and in order to see the error message, you must click the login button again. This is less than optimal UX. I have tried all the options in the standard Caspio feature set, and still can't seem to redirect to the modal window with the error message displayed on fail. I'm wondering if there's a way to achieve this behavior with javascript, or a clever workaround. 


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When I click on login it takes me to https://sandbox.trackitez.com/index.html?cbr=f03d4000daaf244c3c874b938d19#login-modal

And now if I just hit refresh it refreshes the page and takes me to



Therefor the pop up is not there. If I open the login again I see the error message .....

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I actually figured this out. 

It is hacky, but it works. Here's a link with a working demo: https://sandbox.trackitez.com/index1.html?cbr=f03d4000daaf244c3c874b938d19

What I had to do was embed the form into an iframe, and then, edited the specific login page for the module to route to parent.location.href, and not window.location.href. 


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