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On 1/27/2018 at 3:07 PM, hostperl said:

what kind of hosting is better for a web site of small business. Please suggest me.... 


Hello, are you still there?

As you may need for hosting your small business site:

There are both managed and unmanaged hosting solutions out there can meet you needs:

managed hosting:

Pros: it takes care of everything on your site and with guaranteed uptime and support.

Major Cons: pricy and you need to ask for support and wait when an issue appears.

Tips: make sure you know the host very well before ording. Do some research and read some reviews from different places.

Here is a list of selected managed host on the block FYR:


unmanaged hosting:

Pros: pretty affordable price and give you full control over the server and site.

Cons: you are all on your own.

Tips: unless you have a certain amount of knowledge and experience on self-hosting, I do not recommed you use it for a production purpose. In another case, if you have technical stuff around you or you are experienced in managing servers and websites, then this kind of unmanaged hosting solution would be a perfect fit for you.

I would recommend DO(digitalocean) server + VPSrobots panel,  a combo of a well-recognized business-class server plus a handy Windows desktop-based control panel:


Btw, regardless of which hosting you choose, if the traffic on you site is less than 30-40k per month,  then a start server plan(on DO, Vultr, Linode and etc) with 1GB memory, 20-25GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth is more than sufficient for hosting your wordpress site.  

I hope this helps!


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