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Tabular Report Aggregates Case Statement




Is it possible to use a CASE statement in an aggregate formula on a tabular results page?  

Here is the scenario:

I have several calculated fields that are required to get an agent's monthly average for multiple metric categories.  I am able to display the results by date and have aggregate formulas set up using the calculated fields (i.e. [@calcfield:1]/[@calcfield:2]).  However, I have 4 sets of custom aggregations, which puts the results on 4 separate rows for every agent that appears in the report.  I can't use a generic AVG/SUM because one date may show an average of 100, but it actually included 3 different scores.  If using the generic average the system doesn't take the fact that the score was actually the result of 3 scores combined (hope this makes sense).  

I am hoping to be able to use a CASE statement and only have one aggregate function that applies the correct formula depending on the column it is being applied to in the report.  

Is this possible?


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