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Report datapage - allow multiple users to claim a record



Perhaps already asked/answered - but couldn't find the answer. 

I have a report data page that returns data based on criteria a user can dictate. Once the records are returned - I'd like users to be able to indicate that they own the product returned in the record and be able to state where they have the item located. For example: user could search for items tagged in the system as "ingredients". If two items return from the Inventory table and are "flour" and "crisco" - I want the user to be able to check a box that they own crisco - expose a drop down text box allowing them to enter the location of the crisco: in the pantry. 

Ultimately this would allow the user to be able to see all items in the inventory table and have the results indicate they own items in the inventory table. Or they could see just the items they own. 

right now I have a table called inventory, users, owneditems with a relationship between the three tables. I believe the only way to allow a user to claim an item would  be to have an item detail screen with the details on the left side of the page and a submission form on the right side of the page where the ItemNO is passed from the details report to the owneditems table. That would allow the user to enter that they own the item and put in a location where it's at.

But - if they go back and search for all items - I can't get the system to show me that I already own some items in the results page. I have to either see all items or see what I own. 

Thanks in advance - 




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