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Disallowed entries, popup warnings

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So I am trying to limit a user from selecting an entry using an autocomplete (or I guess could be a dropdown).  This user entry field is using a column in a table as the source.  This is a complete list with all possible selections available (no replicates, and they are unique).  The user selects 3 selections on a weekly basis (Pick1, Pick2, Pick3) and the items are entered into the Pick table.  The catch is that the user CANNOT pick any of the previous selections from the previous week in the current submit week.  So I have created a formula in the Pick table to concatenate all 3 picks each week for a user into one field.  And I have been able to use this concatenated field in a RULE to at least warn the user that they are making an illegal choice.  However, I cannot remove the previous picks from the source table to make that not even available for selecting.  And I cannot prevent the user from still click the submit button (unless there is a way to implement a RULE to hide submit button until user fixes their selections...)


So I am wondering if there is a way to remove the previous picks from the users options to select.  These picks (text255 fields) also have an accompanying ID with them.  And these text values are also unique, I enforce this.


Example is the user is supposed to select 3 numbers from a table populated with the numbers 1 to 20.  They cannot select the same number in the same session.  So they select 1, 2, 3 in week 1.  Now in week #2, they can select ANY 3 numbers (no repeats again) EXCEPT 1, 2, 3.  So can the numbers 1, 2, 3 be removed from the dropdown (or autocomplete list) for just week 2.  They are legal choices in week 3, but now week 2's number selections are "illegal".  Each user will have the same situation, and the datapage is authenticated and I use the USERID.


Thanks in advance



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