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Warning for double booking



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Hello Empowering,

Yes, this is possible through the steps below:

- Add a record id field in the table and set it as an autonumber.

- Add a field to your table that will capture form status for the 2 form parts below (form 1 to capture status "draft" and 2nd form to capture status "submitted"

- Split your entry form into two parts:

     - First part make as a submission form which captures the username and date.  Update localization submit button to say Continue. Then make the datapage below the destination and pass the record id, username, and date.

    - 2nd datapage will be a reports details datapage. Add a calculated field and add a case statement and sql to check the count of records where username and date exist and where state field is "submitted", if greater than 0 then display your custom message. Add the status field above as hidden and on load value "submitted". Below this will be the remainder of your form fields and displays the submit button. 

This will cause some draft entries in your table if user abandons the 2nd part of the form, but you can include a view to filter only status submitted for the completed forms.

You can also wrap the calculated field in html blocks to hide the calculated value ( use html tags <table style="display:none;"> in before and </table> after HTML blocks. ) That way you can create a custom HTML block styled to pick up the calculated field verbiage.

Let me know if this makes sense or if you need any help.

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