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Looking to summarise a report data page where the result of 6 fields are summarised into 1 HTML block.

In most cases only 1 of the fields will have value but it will be possible for there to be 2 fields with value.

The following script appears to work however it has 2 issues

1. The HTML block only appears to activate with a result on  the  first result when there are multiple results

2. If 2 fields have value only one is displayed

Can anyone assist

Code is as follows

<p id="Category"></p>

if("[@field:Retail^]" == "Yes"){
document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Retailer";
if("[@field:Farmer^]" == "Yes"){
document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Farmer";
if("[@field:Manufacturer^]" == "Yes"){
document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Manufacturer";
if("[@field:Distributor^]" == "Yes"){
document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Distributor";
if("[@field:MediaBlogger^]" == "Yes"){
document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Media Blogger";
if("[@field:Organisation^]" == "Yes"){
document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Organisation";

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Hello @PeterOConnor,


Firstly, I would like to suggest to utilize the DataType of List - String. It would be much easier to do that.

However, if you wouldn't want do that due to  other dependencies, let's do some custom coding.


Assuming this is a Details DataPage / Drilldown, you'd just need to replace '=' to '+=' after each 'innerHTML'

In your case:


document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML += "Retailer";


document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML += "Farmer";


And so on.


You may want to see and inspect this DataPage I have created.


Do note that I assumed that this is a Details Drilldown. If this is not the case (if you are referring to the Table, Gallery, or List), then we should not be using `<p id="Category"></p>`, at all, as a placeholder.

Please let me know if this works.

I hope this helps.



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It is a tabular report  result page

The script works to an extent however for multiple results it is putting all the results in the first result - refer to window snip

I would like to be able to get it to work (even for other uses) but I do have another option here I can proceed with - Application still in development mode so I am going to change the fields from yes/No to text name - then my html code is just putting the content of each field in the HTML




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