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Styling formats off after Caspio Update




I use grouping on most of my tabular reports. I'm still actively working on my application so I may have to go back to already existing datapages for edits all the while creating new datapages. What I've noticed is that the grouping function for tabular reports use to display a col-span styling element that no longer exists post the Caspio Update. If I create new datapages or edit new ones my grouping is working in the likeness of standard column headers which defeats the purpose of having a grouping capability. In my pre Caspio Update existing datapages that have not been edited since the update the grouping headers span the entire column count as they should. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have over 150 datapages that use grouping in some capacity. As you can imagine, it's a lot of work. My reports do not look that great  w/o the grouping function spanning the column count. Please see examples below. 


For example: 

Pre Caspio Update (Correct)

- Test Group Header (Spans 3 Columns)

         Column 1        Colum 2            Colum3


Post Caspio Update (Incorrect)

- Test Group Header (Spans Itself Only) 

                                                                                              Column 1   Column 2    Column 3 



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Good Morning, 


Is anyone else experiencing any tabular report styling issues since the new release? I was informed by support that my pages that use javascript might be conflicting with AJAX. I'm confused because they were perfectly fine prior to the release. Over the weekend I went through my entire application and found that there are styling glitches that are happening. For example, my bulk edit dialog displays on top of the tabular report. If the user decides to make addt'l updates it displays behind the report when selected a 2nd time. The z-index is set for this element so I'm not sure why the sudden changes to the display. I also have the group label issues mentioned above the col-span tag disappears, checkboxes not displaying, etc. I'm trying to determine if I'm the only one experiencing this. It's frustrating because everything has been working just fine for more than a year. Further, it's limiting the functionality of my application. 

I'd appreciate any feedback. 





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