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Enforce business rule for maximum value allowed on a field


We have an app that tracks the amount of work performed monthly on projects where the project managers enter the Percent Done for each active project on a monthly basis. 

There's an integer field (Total Percent Done) on the parent table (Projects) that receives the SUM of values of the (Percent Done) field on the associated child table (Project Work Entries) via insert and update triggers. Javascript has been implemented to alert users via a pop-up if a Work Entry would result in the Total Percent Done being >100. However, users can still actually enter values that would result in Total Percent Done being >100.

We're looking for a way to enforce a business rule on the server side that would not allow Total Percent Done to be >100. Any idea on how this would be best done? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @HughD,

I would recommend taking a look at Triggered action feature.


You can set up a Trigger which will delete the record if it doesn`t meet the requirements and also you can set up an Email Trigger to inform the user that his record was rejected. You can find more details in this article and there is a video available too:



Hope this helps.



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