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ADD UTC Date on an update record data page

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I have an update record data page, where I want to stamp a UTC date in a field.   Caspio does not allow calculated values on an update record data page, so I need to use Javascript to do it.  If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know by sharing the javascript needed to accomplish the task.  I will be happy to tip whomever provides the first useful answer with NavCoin. You may get a NavCoin wallet on Navcoin.org.  Thank you.

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Thanks vitaliksss.  I have used time stamps previously.  The issue here is that I have two dates on the same record.  When the owner of the record updates the record I have a time stamp that captures that.   But, now I want another date field that captures the date when the same record is updated by another user, while maintaining the timestamp of the owner of the record unchanged.

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