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Automatic Email When Field Condition Met


Hi There,

I want an email with the contents of the report automatically sent to an individual(s) when a condition is met in a calculated field. 


For Example:

Calculated field is greater than a certain value = Send email to person A


Calculated field is between value X and Value Y = Send email to person A & B


Each person has a unique email address.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Many Thanks!

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If you want this to happen in a DataPage level, you will need to write a several codes for that. It's possible but kinda tricky.  Some can be complicated though, so if you're not a hardcore web developer/programmer, you will definitely have hard times figuring it out (but if you wan to try you can see these links though: https://www.codeproject.com/Questions/785941/How-to-send-email-in-HTML-using-javascript ,  https://www.smtpjs.com/  , https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48283396/sending-email-from-javascript-with-smtp-server  , try also googling other links/tutorials).

There is another way to do that.It's a bit different to what you want but I think I will do.  As I was exploring Caspio Bridge, I saw this Triggered Action functionality. It works in the Table/Database level. When there is an activity in your Table,  say you updated a value of a field, you can select several options like send SMS, Email or even populate another table. This is also a bit tricky to configure but as per my experience, Caspio offers wide range of support, How-To, video tutorials and Online Training.  


Try these links : 


Hope this helps. Thanks.

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Many Thanks for your reply, I will take a look at the various resources you have made available to me.


I am not an experienced programmer / coder so I was really hoping for a simpler method.


Would it not be possible to run an IF Function, for example:

IF the "calculated field" value is > than or equal to 90%

THEN send an email to Address X

ELSE IF "calculated field" is between 60 and 89

THEN send an email to Address X and Address Y etc;


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