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Graph manipulation with (Java) script

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Could anyone please tell me how I could manipulate a value in a graph related to a chosen color, with a certain script?

I think this should be possible with a script during submission or perhaps in the Footer of the Graph settings?

For instance:

I am using a bar graph to present the actual, real time, health status of a certain system. This typical bar, varies between 0 - 100%, but always gets a color choosen by the system, and dependent on the Style I've choosen. I would like to manipulate this color, depending on the retrieved field value.


I would like to use a red colored graph when the value of the field is e.g. between 0 < n < 50 (range free to choose in script)

I would like to use an orange  colored when the value of the field is e.g. between 50 < n < 75

I would like to use a  green colored when the value of the field is e.g. between 75 < n <= 100

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Hi @Berti,

I have found a solution which might work for your case.

You need to place following snippet of Javascript code into Chart Datapage footer:

<script type="text/javascript">

var int = setInterval(updateChartOptions, 100);

function updateChartOptions(){

    if(typeof Highcharts == "undefined" || !Highcharts.charts.length) return;

    Highcharts.charts[0].update({plotOptions: {
        column: {
            zones: [{
                value: 10000, // up to this value color of column will be blue
                    color: 'blue'
                value: 30000, // if column is more than 30000 it will be green
                    color: 'green'
                color: 'red' // if value if above 30000 it will be red


Hope this helps.




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