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Using a Button to fill a field

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I have created a simple button using HTML and CSS. I was wondering if I can incorporate this into my DataPage. My Idea is that if the button, named Bulk,  is clicked, it will automatically fill the "Quantities" field.

I am not too sure what to fill the Quantities field with yet, as the datatype set for it is a Number. Most orders have a quantity number ordered, but if it is a ton, I would like it so the user can just click "Bulk" so that the receiving department is aware.

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Hello @kpcollier,

If you just want to add a value in your "Quantities field" when "Bulk button" is clicked, you can add this code in the footer of your DataPage:


document.getElementsByName('Bulk')[0].onclick = function(){ 

document.getElementById('InsertRecordQuantites').value = "The value you want to automatically fill the field";

Note: Make sure that you unchecked the "Enabled HTML Editor" in your footer.

I hope this helps :)

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Hey @WatashiwaJin, I appreciate the reply. I have put this in my footer section. The quantities field is named "Qty_Ordered", would I replace InsertRecordQuantities with InsertRecordQty_Ordered? I have tried it like this an was unable to get a response in my app. 

Here is how I built the button. Maybe its because I used a hyperlink instead of input=button?


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Actually, I still can't get it to actually fill the quantity field. When I click it, it submits the form. But, when I go to the table, the Quantity field is still empty. I did rename my field "Qty_Ordered" to just "Quantity" and did the same for the JS.

In my debugger I am getting an Uncaught TypeError "Cannot set property 'onclick' of undefined".

I thought onclick was an inherited function from JS, so I am confused as to why this is happening.

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Uncaught TypeError
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Hi @WatashiwaJin

I've been messing with this to try to get it to work. 

document.getElementsByName('Bulk').onclick = function(){myFunction()};

function myFunction() {document.getElementById('InsertQuantity').value = "100";

This removed the onclick error. But it still doesn't fill Quantity to 100.


I might've done too much. Putting [0] after 'Bulk' creates the onclick error. Taking it out prevents the error but still does not work. I tried to log a message through the console in the function and didn't get any response... so my function does not work lol.

*Edit #2


Found this in the online help article listed above.

  • onload(), onsubmit() and other loading events are no longer supported. You must use the Caspio built-in event handlers, as described below on this page.

Working on trying to use a Caspio event handler to substitute the onclick function.

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