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Search to include one or both options




I have a table where I would like to include either or both options of one column in a search. 
Ideally both options are selected by default but the user has the opportunity to unselect one of them.

Is there a way of doing that? 



Maybe I need to include a bit more information to help with this, one the columns contain either Obedience or Rally as entries. I would like to have an option in the search for results that allows people to either select searching for both (default) or to only look for either Obedience or Rally results preferably by checkmark.

I have tried the checkmark options in the Search and Report Wizard  but can not make that work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Search forms in a Report DataPage work like this:

If you don't enter any criteria and hit the search button, it will give you all the records you have as long as the Logic in the "Configure Search Fields" is set to "OR".

In you case, you can use radio button as your search element. Then as mentioned above, change the logic to OR. Then add "Any" to the option, remove the value for the "Any" option.

I wouldn't recommend Checkbox unless Obedience and Rally Fields in your table.


Hope this helps!

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