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Creating PDF/Page to Print that does not save to table



I have an Order Form for materials our company needs. Each submission of this form will create ONE record in our table - this is what we want. However, there is a "Quantities" field in the submission form, in case you are ordering multiple quantities of a single item. 

I am trying to create a report datapage that pops up on submit of the form. This form takes in parameters such as Vendor and Material. It also takes the Quantity field and duplicates the record in the report, with each record having a virual text box field. Once the report form is filled out, the user can either download it or print it, and the form goes away. I do not need it to save, and I do not want to duplicate the records in the actual table - just for the purpose of this report.

i.e. I order 3 pieces of glass. I select the Job, Vendor, Material, and put 3 in quantity. When I click submit, a report will pop up with 3 line items of glass where I can type in extra details in the virtual text box about each one. When I am done, I can download the report and exit out.

Any idea how I can get the records to duplicate to the amount Quantity has?


Screenshot (20).png

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You can implement such a workflow using Triggers and Tasks.
The idea is that you can insert multiple rows within the details table and use this table as the source to make a report with multiple lines. 
The next step is to set up the Task that will delete all information from the Details table so you will not keep all details within this table. You can set up Task to run each day-week-month depends on your needs. 

Please find the application attached. I have created the app with a similar workflow.
Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Hello everyone, just want to let you know that Caspio has new enhancement about Document Generation. They introduced more data formatting options, including regional settings to influence how text, numeric, currency and date/time values appear in our generated PDF documents. You may check this link about the new release enhancements: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-33-0/

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