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Sum Function in Triggered Actions



In my table, I have a field for Expenses. Upon insert, I want to update the other table with the total sum of all expenses per user. 

I have set up a triggered action. However, I can't get it to work because I'm having this error when I use the Sum Function: An aggregate may not appear in the set list of an UPDATE statement. (error code: SQL157)

Can you please help?


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Hi @MyMelody,


I  got the same problem with you last week. The solution I thought of is to create another table. It will be like storage of whatever I insert in the main table. In the trigger, I used that table as a reference to sum up all the expenses. 

Please see the screenshot I created:



Upon Insert in the MainTbl, it will be also inserted to the Table_2 (storage table).  The total expenses is the sum of all Expenses inserted in the Table_2 per ID.


Hope this helps.



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Upon checking, it seems that this error occurs when you are trying to set one of your columns using the UPDATE statement with a value that uses an aggregate functions such as the SUM, MAX, or MIN. 

Therefore, it is not valid because in SQL it is impossible to use aggregate functions in update SET list. 

With this, you may try to do a use case is to add a so-called subquery (SELECT statement) and use this subquery in a JOIN. For more information,I have found a forunm post that is similar to your workflow. You may check this link as a reference: 

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