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How to present a blank field when there is a value in the table



The premise of my question is how to present an empty field in a form that has  a value in the table with the outcome to overwrite the value

What I'm trying to achieve...

I have a table (table1) with an "Create/Update" Triggered Action that creates a Change Log record in another table (table2).

Each time table1 is updated. Table 2 creates a new record for each change, capturing the persons name that makes the change as well as the timestamp.

No problems so far.

My problem starts when I present table1 to the users as a updatable webform.  I have a field called "Reason for Change" its a dropdown box. It should be presented to the user as blank in the webform however it display the previous entry. How do I present a blank field in an update form even though it has a value in the table.?

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I would recommend you to include a virtual field which has no connection to the table and then write a script to run on change of this virtual field and get the value and add to the actual field for instance:


document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1').onchange= function (){

document.getElementById('EditRecordReason').value = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1').value;



EditRecordReason and cbParamVirtual1 should be replaced with the actual ID

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