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Java If Then Help Needed



Hi - I have a reports page that I need to add a simple script to that will look at the values of two fields - and if those values are equal - will display a message and prevent submission.

I think and If then statement would work but i'm not able to write it myself.

Can anyone help with that script?



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Hi @braxwell,

If you are using a submission form/DataPage, you can use the code below and just put it in the footer of your submission form/DataPage. 

You will just need to update the ID in the code below, to the ID of your fields using the browser developer tools. For more details about this, you can check this article: https://support.softools.net/hc/en-gb/community/posts/115001929071-Find-the-Field-ID-with-Browser-Developer-Tools


document.querySelector('#caspioform').onsubmit = function(e) {
// Replaced the ID in the code below 'InsertRecordValue1' to the ID of your fields
var input1= document.getElementById("InsertRecordValue1").value;
var input2= document.getElementById("InsertRecordValue2").value;

if (input1 === input2 ){
alert('You cannot have the same value for two fields!');

else {





If this is not a Submission form, kindly elaborate on your workflow.

I hope this helps.



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