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Send Random Policy Manual Record Weekly

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I created a policy manual table and a series of data pages for managers to add new policies and edit exisiting, and for employees to view and agree to each policy.

I would like to create a datapage or process that will now randomly select one of the policy records and send it to the employee email randomly each week. I asked caspio, and of course there is the option for custom assistance, but the support team suggested checking here before choosing that option. 

Each policy record within my table consists of a random policy number, a company policy number, a title, a photo, and content. I will link it next to my employee table, and have a third table that will timestamp when the employee accesses the record and a check box that will automatically put another time stamp on when they finish each record. I'm working right now and a datapage for a manager to generate an email to an employee when they receive a complaint or have a concern about employee behavior, ie., a truck driver is speeding on the highway and a concerned citizen calls the manager, at which point the manager selects the "Speed Policy #107" and sends it manually to the driver for review, leaving the company with a trail for employee training and disciplinary reasons. 

All I need, I think, is the piece that will send the policies randomly once each week so the employees get regular reminders of the company's policies.  I don't have anything to attach or show because I haven't started it yet. Sometimes I think it's better to ask before starting than get in the middle and start over or try to make something halfway broken work. :)

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Hi @kkounkel,

When you say you wanted to send a random policy manual to your employees, what are the expected behavior of your workflow?

1. Does all of your employees will receive the same random policy manual per week or each employee can have a different manual that is sent to him/her per week?

2. Do you want to restrict duplicate policy manual being sent to your employee (An employee can't receive the same manual again unless all the other manual is received)?

- If yes, what will happen when all the manual has been sent(Do you intend to start a new round, like starting the random sending of manual again)?

I think it would be easier if you will not make the sending of policy manual random, instead of making it sequential, then you can set schedule a team meeting to review the Policy manual of the week. This will ensure that all of your employees are all calibrated at the same time, and you can address all of their inquiries for the same manual at the same time.

Whether you agree to my suggestion or not, I think this is doable by creating a task that is set to run every week to send a policy manual to your employees. But the process will depend on your workflow. For more details about tasks, you can review this article

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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