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Updated Question: Hide Button if Value Not Found in DB and if Value Less than $0



I asked this question once before, but it was based upon a rigged solution that I poorly designed and I was not able to get the solutions that were suggested to work. Now I have corrected the issue and need help coming up with the solution that will work for everyone. 

The field "receivername" should query the database to see if the name entered in in the database in a field called "combined_user_name". If the name is not there than the button will be hidden. If the name is in the database then the button will be displayed.

Next is the "balance after transfer" field. If the number in this field is $0 or a negative number then the button will not be displayed and there will be a message that reads "you do not have enought to complete this transaction". If the number is above $0 than the button will be displayed and allow the transaction.

Here is the datapage: https://c6fot106.caspio.com/dp/acef60003eb60d3f84474c488495
Here are the credentials: "michaelt@tippytv" and pw is "qwe123qwe". Here is a receiver's name that is in that database to be used for testing:  "jameskirk@tippytv"

The last part of the question is is it possible to keep someone from using the virtual keyboard to submit form even if the button is not visible? 


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Hi @DaveC2019,

So that we can assist you better with this, kindly provide as an exported copy of your DataPage so that we can formulate the validation directly to it. Please export it with its dependencies


 If your ables contains sensitive information then you can just export your table without Data, to reach the interface below you will need to click the 'Add' button first.



Kind regards,


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