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Bulk Edit Hidden Checkbox update to No or False



Does anyone know how to configure Bulk Edit to update a hidden check box to No or False? You can update a hidden checkbox to Yes but if you set the Default value to 'blank' it won't update the value to No/False- it just leaves it as is. 

I need to do this with a hidden checkbox so the user doesn't have to 'select' the checkbox field box in order to update to No/False. Any help would be great- thanks!

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I think this is a default behavior of Caspio. Because once the field is Hidden, there will be no actions to that field.  But, once you set it to on load, receive: 'Yes' even it is hidden, the "No" default values that was already set in your table will be changed to "Yes".

A possible workaround would be using Triggered Actions. For example, if the  value in your table is "No" and once you update it, it will be automatically changed to "Yes" and same as the other way around, if the  value in your table is "Yes" and once you update it, it will also be automatically changed to "No"

You may check the sample Trigger Below:



Just change the fields that were being used to that Triggered action depends on your fields in your table.

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Thanks for the tip re triggers. The issue for me is the table involved has been locked by Caspio because they created backend triggers a few years ago. So I'm not able to use triggers built in the new feature, hence having to use datapages to do things like this.

I've ended up changing the field to text and using "Yes" or "No" as text to do the update, that way it's not a null value that's put in but "No" written out. 

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