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Scheduled Tasks: Exports truncated


Hi. I have scheduled tasks that export a single table each day and upload it to a remote server as a zipped .csv file. It's been running for years without issue.  In the past two days, the upload has been happening, but the zipped file won't open. I thought I got around the problem by telling the system not to zip it first. (I can work with the raw .csv.) However, when that happens, I only get a small portion of the .csv records, not the full table. I think the two may be related, and that the exports are stopping before they're complete, resulting in incomplete .csv files as well as .zip files that can't be expanded. Running the scheduled tasks on demand produces the same results. I can get the data I need by going to the table and exporting directly from there. But since I need to automate this so that it runs twice daily, that's only a temporary solution, at best. (Note: This isn't happening with only single table, but with all similar tasks.)

Any ideas?

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Hi @abitaquest,

I know that file size limit for scheduled task and manual export is different.

The scheduled task export/import: file should be 50 Mb or less. 

Manual export: file should be 1Gb or less. 

Make sure that your table fits the size limit.


Hope this helps.




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