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Change Value in Column Y in Tabular Report Based on On Value Present or Not in Column X

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This is based on a view of ALL Clients and MATCHING CredentialsAndTraining records, therefore there will always be at least one empty record. 

I cannot suppress the blank line due to other needs to have the one record from the Client data side always present. This is fine as far as it goes.

In the tabular report I add an "update" link to enable the user to update existing records. Obviously this is pretty pointless on that empty row that shows up when the Client has no existing records.

So, I need to change the value in "Column Y" in the tabular report based on a value being present or not in "Column X".

e.g. hide the update link when no RID is present.

Since this will only apply to this one unique scenario, I don't care if it's just the link being hidden, or if it's the whole column being hidden.


TIA :0)



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OK, I was making this harder on myself than I had to. Simple javascript to check the update URL and hide if matches the url expected w/o an RID value or not, and replace if an exact match is found.

	var myDiv = document.getElementById("recordUpdateLink");
	if (myDiv.innerHTML == '<a href="/client/credentials-and-training/credentials-and-training-update/?RID=">Update</a>')
 		document.getElementById("recordUpdateLink").innerHTML = "No records found.";


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