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Ignoring Blank Values in a Details Report



I'm building a CRM for my agency. We sell multiple product types, each of which will have different relevant information.  For example, life products. Term Life will need a field for how long the term is for where as Final Expense there is no term length. 

What I'd like to do is have a table that stores ALL policy types. However, when looking at the details of a policy, I want to hide irrelevant fields (determined by whether or not the field is blank). I tried doing this using a rule, however when choosing the field to base the rule on, that field disappears as an option to perform an action on. When "Field A" is blank , Hide "Field A" is not an option.  This is important because I want to be able to display ALL policies per client, and given our product mix, that could be as many as 5. 

Is there a work around? Or am I going to have to create separate tables per policy type? If the latter, how would I combine the client table to the various policy tables in order to create a view that displays all policies per client?  From what I can tell, I can only pair two tables at a time.    

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