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How to visual hide a selected compandy with a radio button



Hey all,

I have a question.
In a Submission Form I select companies with a Radio Button.

The selected companies were previously submitted in another Submission Form.

Once selected, I want the selected company to disappear visually only that day.

The next day the selected comapany must be there again.

Test it yourself: https://c1esh889.caspio.com/dp/d8564000553fcadd78024278a937


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Hello @wvantongeren

You can implement this workflow using View, Trigger and Task.
Find the application with needed functionality attached - Forum_Post_wvantongeren_1_0_2019-Apr-30_1016.zip

Let me describe the logic of the application.

1. You need to create an additional table with all Companies. Within the table, you need to have a field to define the status of the company for today. It can be Yes/No field, let's say.
You need to create a relationship between your Main table and Companies table. After, you need to create a trigger within the Main table on Insert action to check the usage field of a related company.

2. You need to create a view based on the companies table. The filter of the view is the Usage field needs to be unchecked. We will use this view as the lookup source for Radio buttons field within datapage.  As soon as a user submits a new entry, the company will disappear because the chosen company is in usage now and it does not match the view filter.  

3. The last step is to create the task which will uncheck the usage field on the daily base.

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