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Hiding an empty field.


Hi Gurus, 
I have this business directory working in Wordpress + Avada Theme. Now we are moving to DIVI theme and some things are not working. I have this tabular report that shows all the offices for the specific company that was select. In the "Search and Report Wizard - Configure Results Page Fields" part I have this javascript to hide the fields that are blank:

if("[@field:Address]".length > 0){
document.write('<strong>Address:</strong> [@field:Address]<br />')
if("[@field:City]".length > 0){
document.write('<strong>City:</strong> [@field:City] ')
if("[@field:State]".length > 0){
document.write('<strong>State:</strong> [@field:State] ')
if("[@field:ZIP]".length > 0){
document.write('<strong>ZIP:</strong> [@field:ZIP]<br />')
if("[@field:Country]".length > 0){
document.write('<strong>Country:</strong> [@field:Country]')

it works very nice in AVADA:

 but it's not working in DIVI: 


I also tried also this technique: 

but no success again.

Can someone help? 
thank you very much for any clues. 

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Hi Kristina,


Thank you for answering, but it didn't work. I modified the code that shows the address to:image.png.51babbb961e22c363113f445fbce434d.png


and put the code in the footer as stated in the link you sent:


But the datapage still shows the empty field "State":


Any other suggestions?


thank you.

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