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Is there any way to create reminder task from Caspio? Just like for example, user enter the task description and reminder of specific time they want to receive the reminder, such as daily,weekly, fortnightly or monthly (can be enabled repeat). Once it submitted in the form customer will receive a reminder email based on that reminder time including task description.

How can I do that? 


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Hi @QueenB,

 I have created an app with Task Reminder feature. Below are the steps on how to implement this type of workflow. 

1) Create two additional fields on your table. Date_Submitted which is a Timestamp and NextReminderDate which is a Date/Time. 

2) On your DataPage, set the NextReminderDate field as Calculated Value and insert this formula:
CASE WHEN [@field:TaskReminder] = 'Daily' THEN DateAdd(day,1,GetDate()) 
WHEN [@field:TaskReminder] = 'Weekly' THEN DateAdd(week,1,GetDate()) 
WHEN [@field:TaskReminder] = 'Fortnightly' THEN DateAdd(week,2,GetDate()) 
WHEN [@field:TaskReminder] = 'Monthly' THEN DateAdd(month,1,GetDate()) 

And make it Hidden on the Advanced tab. 

3) Create a Tasks that will send an email to the user if the NextReminderDate is equal to date today. 

4) Create another task that will update the NextReminderDate field to the next date. 


I also attached the DataPage with Dependencies here in case the steps are not clear.

Hope this helps. :)




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