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I have an RFID antenna and some RFID tags. The tags have a unique ID that is relative to members of a club. There is a table which includes the members ID and name and when I scan the RFID tag the unique ID is populated in the ID field and then a cascading dropdown will present the name in the name field of the form based on the ID. This works fine when testing manually but when I scan it auto submits the form so quickly that the cascading name value doesn’t seem to have time to populate thus doesn’t go into the table. 

Is there some Jquery solution or JavaScript to slow down the auto submit. 


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Hi @splinteredangel,

I assume that you using Auto-submit JS from the following post:


If so, you can change timeout time in order to slow down the submit of the Datapage.

By default, the code set to auto-submit the form with 1 sec (1000 ms).


Hope this helps.




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