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Select boxes for files returned in report - to download multiple?



People upload a document when they complete one of our forms.  In the data page tabular report we generate one of the columns is the hyperlink path to that document.  We can download/open the PDF by clicking on the hyperlink.

Problem is the report can have many and clicking each individually is not ideal.  Is there a way to add a select box next to each document we want to download and be able to select all or multiselect several then download all at once?




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I have implemented the similar workflow but without the option to make zip package.
You can choose files to download and then click one button to download all of them.

Please find the example of the application here - https://dropmefiles.com/2p0LX
pass is: gcVkFh

Let me know if you have any questions related to the JS code inside.

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Thanks for the reply Andrew.  That looks nice.  Im envisioning more of a list of files (like Caspio would typically show in a report) with check boxes next to each.  Your example didnt really show check boxes but instead put all uploaded into a zipped file for download.  My files would already be uploaded and displayed in a list, if that makes sense.

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