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We have a data page to set up first time users and an email is sent to the user to set up their password.  However the link is not generated correctly, I am not sure how to fix this.


This is how the email is set up on the data page, I only took over managing this recently so I do not fully understand Caspio, can anyone help me?




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What you have a password recovery to reset forgotten password. Here is what you need to do:

1- Add a GUID field to the user table and call it: GUID and add another field call it "Verified"

2- Create a view to filter the table to only pull the records that verified is not checked.

3- Create a single record update form based on your user table and check to receive external parameter in this format: [@GUID]

4- Select Password and Verified fields

5- In configuration page make Verified to be hidden and Check by default

6- Finish and click deploy to get the URL to this page

7- Edit your submission page where you register the users and create a link to this page in the email body. The link should be: http://XXXXXX/dp/XXXXX?GUID=[@field:GUID]

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