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Changing cell color based on value of another cell




I have a report datapage where using javacript in an HTML block,  the color code changes in a Calculated Field depending on the value of 2 fields -


if(('[@calcfield:2]'-[@field:Orders_Quantity])/[@field:Orders_Quantity]> .05){

var line_id='[@field:Orders_Serial_Number]';
var line=document.getElementById(line_id).parentNode.parentNode;
var elems = line.getElementsByTagName("td");


'Orders_Serial_Number' is the auto-numbered unique id. Column 13 is 'Calculated Field 2'. This works but if I add or remove any columns, then the wrong field changes color. 

How do I reference Calculated Field 2 ([@calcfield:2]) in the line 'elems[13].style.backgroundColor="peru";elems[13].style.color="white";' instead of specifying the fixed column number 13?

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