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I'm fairly new to Caspio's platform and have been reviewing many of the online video's from which I've created an application in which our field consultants can search for suppliers who provide certain products to our customers.

At this stage there are 9 products in the application.  Each product has up to 10 sub-categories and each of these sub-category has a list of items.

We have a 'supplier profile' table which contains all of the details of each supplier - name, address, website, contact details, products offered, sub-categories of those products.

In our table the sub-categories are List-String data type so as to list of all the items in that sub category.

We have a data page which we use to input all of the details for each supplier, most importantly which products they supply, and which items in the list of each sub-category they supply

I've created a data page linked to supplier profile table that allows the consultants to select one (or more) products that then returns a list of suppliers who supply that product.

All good.....however....

... what we would ideally like to achieve is a more accurate search based on, not only the product, but also the sub-category list as well.

I've tried to add the sub-catregories into the search form, however, Caspio is alerting me that no more than 15 List-String items can be added.  Across the 9 products, there are a total of 31 sub-categories, although there are no more than 10 sub-categories in any single product.

What we would like to do when searching is select the Product, then procede to a secondary search which will show only the sub-categories which that product has and we can then select the items from the sub-category lists.  This will then only return the suppliers based on our search criteria. 

Is there a way I can create a data page that allows me to search for the Product, then takes us to a second search option that shows only the sub-categories for the selected product?


Many thanks in advance.


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Hi @Inovix,

You may create a lookup table for the sub-category lists and use cascading dropdown form element to cascade by the product and show only corresponding data for the sub-categories from the lookup table.

Please follow this article for more details:


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