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Anyway to get ALL posted values from a form in a response message?

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Hunting and testing and trying.  ..  not finding....I would like to have a new submission form  that goes to a "display message".  That page needs to receive all of the posted values from the form in JS, but I would REALLY, REALLY like to avoid having to individually load each value using [@valuename].  I've been trying without success and don't know if these are passed or available or only loaded server side from Caspio, but my message being displayed is only going to be a relay to send values  and load a separate datapage in a different iFrame.  There is more post-processing that I need to do  with those values.

The reason for all of this is that  I have a new submission form that I want to pass all the values to a separate datapage that is a report.  The affect is to have a form for a  report, but I'm storing each "report form" in a table  as well.   That way, we have a record of each report that was run.  If there is a different way to go about this, I'm interested.  Would really love to not have the entire page refresh with each question and can only think that the New Submission form going to a Response Message with javascript that reloads the same form and also send all values to the report datapage at the same time.

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I'd rather not. 

Just imagine a Caspio report datapage, which it is.  There is no wireframe.  Just a single report. 

It is not a problem to create the conditions for the report be matching a single value or greater than or less than an input value (or partial match on text).  Typically, you have a single input value and the report gives us all results on that condition.

I'm trying to get a result where I can pick and choose values....multiple matching in a single report on a single field.

Perhaps this will help.


ID     whatever   whatever whatever
1       asdfsdf        asdfasdf     asdasdf
2       asdfasdf    asdfasdf    asdfasdf
3    asdfsdaf   asdfasdf       asdfsdaf
4   asdfasdf    asdfasdf     asdfasdf
5   asdfsadf  asdfasdf    asdfasdf

How can I get rows 1, 3 and 5, by matching the values of ID itself?  There is no other way to match the rows.

I'm trying to avoid combining the results of the report being run over and over for each instance to give me one result.  ie. run report for ID=1 and then run report for ID=3, etc... then combine into a single page....yuck

I was hoping I could create my list of ID to be something like "-1- -3- -5-" as my input matching string to the report. I then created a formula in the table so the last field in each row is the ID with hyphens before and after.  So, row with ID of 3 also has a field at the end that is "-3-".  I was hoping I could create the query match in the report to be finding -1- within the input string of "-1- -3- -5-" and with the match, return that row.  Repeat for all. 

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