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Help With Estimating App Set Up



I work in a subdivision in Construction. We bid on construction jobs. I am trying to add an estimating app to our fleet of Caspio apps. 

The problem I am running in to is my Estimate_Table is friggin' huuuuge. First, we need at least 10 spots to list out the materials we are planning on using for the job. So, we have a field to list what material it is (x10), plus a field for the currency total of how much the material costs (x10). This takes up 20 fields, plus a final 'Total' field to add the sum of all together.

Now, the big part. For each material listed, we have to list labor charges to fabricate and install the materials. So, in reality, I would need 20 labor fields to cover the Install and Fab of each material. It would go like this:

Material 1: Glass Windows, $2000.

Labor 1: Glass Windows, FAB, $1000.

Labor 1: Glass Windows, INSTALL, $1200.

However, with each Labor field, we don't just put in a currency number for the total. We do it by how many hours it will take x the currency rate of the labor. Meaning each labor line will have 5 fields each. a Labor field to choose what material it is for, the phase (install or fab), the hours needed for the labor of this material, the rate charged, and the total. 

The labor lines alone would take up 100 fields.

Material 2: Aluminum, $2000.

Labor 2: Aluminum, FAB, 10 hours x $45, $450 total.

Labor 2: Aluminum, INSTALL, 12 hours x $50,  $600 total.

Please keep in mind - the actual material values are coming from a lookup table already. So, the Materials fields mentioned above use a lookup table to get its material value. I am also trying my best to keep this on ONE submission form - not a multi step form. The reason for this is because our estimator will need to be able to look at the material section and the labor section simultaneously while he is doing his work. I am using collapsible sections to keep the form smaller in size. 

I am also using making all calculations with custom JS. I orginially had it with calculated fields, but the load times were around 2 minutes. Changing it to all written JS improved the times to 30 seconds, which is still way too long for me. I believe the reason my app is so slow is because my main table has 150 fields in it. 

Sorry for the long post. Just looking for some insight if anyone has made something like this and could give me some pointers on a better way to build it.

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