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Passing parameters containing an ampersand


I am trying to solve an issue with a parameter with an ampersand in the value being passed to a url.  I did some research on this forum and found an answer that gets me closer, but still doesn't quite work.  

<a id="link-[@cbRecordIndex]" target="_blank"> Worksheet </a>


  var protocol = 'http://';
  var base_url = 'xxxxxxx.caspio.com/dp/d86e500027f87dfc582049xxxxxx';
  var param = 'Opportunity_Name';
  var qStringVal = `[@field:Opportunity_Name]`;

  document.querySelector('#link-[@cbRecordIndex]').href = `${protocol + base_url}/?${param}=${encodeURIComponent(qStringVal)}`;


The parameter [@field:Opportunity_Name] is "Munis & EnerGov".  The resulting url from the code above is :https://xxxxxxxx.caspio.com/dp/d86e500027f87dfc582049xxxxxx/?Opportunity_Name=Munis%20%26amp%3B%20Energov"  and the parameter that is received to the other datapage is "Munis &amp; EnerGov".  So, the & is coming in, which is great, but how do I get rid of the "amp;"?

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Hello @Empowering,


It might be because your field [@field:Opportunity_Name] contains a literal &amp; value. This usually happens when you submit on a Rich Tex Editor.

 Try checking your DataSheet if this is the case. If it is, you may need to run the function over to some HTML Entity decoder like this one [link].

You may also try checking this solution. Which, I think, the output will be the same. If it is, then it is likely that my assumption above is true.


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