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Case statement in an HTML block using an external parameter




I have a tablular datapage that I am trying to create a conditional output based on a external parameter being passed to the datapage.  The external parameter [@BU] is driving the selection of which results should be passed.  The resulting html would be passed for each case.  Not sure if this is possible since it is a mixed logic and HTML response.  Or if I should just be looking for a different solution here"

I have added this in my HTML block currently but the CASE logic is not working and currently it is just parsing the html formatted content:



WHEN '[@BU]' = '8' 
THEN <span month_year="[@field:Month_Year*]" sub_type="[@field:Function_Subtype#]">[@field:MPBU_HC]</span>

WHEN '[@BU]' = '6' 
THEN <span month_year="[@field:Month_Year*]" sub_type="[@field:Function_Subtype#]">[@field:MicBU_HC]</span>



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I am afraid that you cannot use SQL in HTML blocks.

SQL code can be only used in Calculated values\fields.

I would recommend using a JS code in order to achieve described behavior.

1. Add the following code into HTML block:

<p id="[@cbRecordIndex#]"></p>

2. Add the following JS into Datapage Footer:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) {

let el = document.querySelectorAll('td>p');
let par = '[@BU]';

el.forEach(element => {
    if(par=='8') element.innerHTML = '<span month_year="[@field:Month_Year*]" sub_type="[@field:Function_Subtype#]">[@field:MPBU_HC]</span>';
    else if (par=='6') element.innerHTML = '<span month_year="[@field:Month_Year*]" sub_type="[@field:Function_Subtype#]">[@field:MicBU_HC]</span>';
    else element.innerHTML = '0';

Please make sure that you disable HTML editor before inserting the code.



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