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Restrict Access Based on Multiple Fields



Hi, apologies but not sure my title explains exactly what I'm trying to achieve! I've got 2 tables - Main_Data and Contractor_Data, I've then created a details data page where I have included 3 drop down fields. The user can then select a Contractor (TradingName) using  the drop downs from the Contractor_Data table which then become Contractor_1 in the Main_Data table, the same then for Contractor_2 and Contractor_3 - this all works fine.

So I have created a view so each contractor can log in to see their respective  jobs, I have linked the tables using Contractor_Data.TradingName = Main_Data.Contractor_1, this also works fine - Contractor_1 logs in and can see all the jobs under Main_Data.Contractor_1.

Now the problem I'm having and hope that you might be able to help with, the jobs where we allocate more than 1 contractor (total of 3 on any one job) those contractors are unable to see their jobs as the view is only linking Contractor_1 so I added to the view - Contractor_Data.TradingName = Main_Data.Contractor_2 and Contractor_Data.TradingName = Main_Data.Contractor_3 and in the criteria tab set them as OR thinking that whatever position the contractors TradingName appears he should be able to view those jobs.

The result I get is 'No Results' unless I enter the same TradingName in all three fields.

What I want to achieve is that a contractor can log in using TradingName in auth field and then see all jobs allocated to them irrespective of whether they are either Contractor_1, 2 or 3

Hoping I've made sense?

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Hi @walkerc,

You will not be able to build a View with desired output because Joins cannot be configured with OR logic.  

I can suggested using a filtering criteria on Datapage in order to show the records from Main_Data table to the Contractor.

You should use a Main_Data as a data source for your Datapage. Also you should enable authentication which based on "Contractor_Data" table for this Datapage.

Finally you can use the following filtering logic:

P.S. use TradingName i.o. Record_ID from my sample.


 Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any questions.






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