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Copy a record in the same table



I need to copy a record within the table and then change just one field.

I have an organization that needs multiple donations. The organization information is the same, only the donation item field is unique for each entry.

I want to copy the entire line in the table so I can quickly change just the one field (vs going in through the datapage/webform)

There is no 'copy' function on my datasheet




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Hi @DonateGood,

You can use Triggered Action feature in order to create this type of functionality.

1. You need to add new field based on which Triggered Action executes.


2. Create a Triggered action which will fire on update event.

Note: You will need to use two blocks.

First block "Insert" going to copy the record if the checkbox is checked and the second one "Update" will uncheck the box after copy has been made.


Please note that you will need to click on "Refresh" button in order to see new records which has been copied.


Hope this helps.




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This was an excellent help towards my intended result. However, you must JOIN the SELECT FROM clause to the "ER_Events_tbl" in your example. So the WHERE field should show #inserted.Check_to_Copy equal true not Check_to_Copy equal true.  I believe you might JOIN this table ON  Field Title equal Field #inserted.Title

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