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Passing parameters between view only tabular data pages



To Whom It May Concern,

The attached file presents the workflow, defines the setup/scripting, and an  issue encountered when a variable is assigned a value and then passed between two tabular datapages that are set in view only modes.

The solution provided was not the first attempted.  The data source tables for this workflow are linked 1:many, but 'I' was unable to take advantage of that with Tabular datapages.  My second attempt was to simply access the linked data via a button with an associated passed parameter.

Thanks in advance,


Passing Datapage Parameter 7-23-2020.docx

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Hi SinJun,

Thank you for responding.  I have attached an update to the first file.  On the very last page I show that while the coding error appears to be eliminated, the value of the field I wish to assign to a var "ID" is not defined.  The code actually opens the table as requested; however, the parameter is passed as 'undefined', since it is undefined when the var statement is executed.

I wonder if the var is undefined because I have no way to select the specific record that I wish to read the value of CA_ID from?  The reason may be because this tabular table is configured as 'read only'.  I can only highlight a record.

Passing Datapage Parameter 7-29-2020.docx

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