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Adding Calculating fields



I have a data page, with three items I click on product, populate a field with the cost per item, add add the number of units, then have calculated field of # of units  * cost per unit. It works fine, but I have another calculating field to add the 3 items for a total cost. The only time the total cost works is when I complete all three items. I assume some kind of a null value is causing the problem. Any ideas who to solve this calculation?

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Hello, @senicholas you are right. 
I suggest you should use a formula like this: SUM(ISNULL([@field:Total_price],0)) , where Total_price would be your calculated field of # of units  * cost per unit.  Or you may try ISNULL([@field:Total_1],0)+ISNULL([@field:Total_2],0)+ISNULL([@field:Total_3],0) , etc.
As an option, you may also use Totals & Aggregation field on the Report page, so you will not need to write any formulas.

Hope this helps!

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