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CASHFLOW Presentation based on Cost and Income different tables



Hi All, 

First of all sorry if this question have been posted and I did not find the answer. 

I am trying to create a Cashflow app. 


Basically my app will have 2 tables with income and tax which has more or less the same information

They have the following fields: 



Expense Type

Expense Subtype




Then I need a report which is like a Pivot Table but I need to include other fields, operations between columns and other information so as to show to the user


Concept                     2020-07   2020-08  2020-09 2020-10  2020-11 2020-12

Rev Type 1               (Sum of Revenue, Type1, 2020-07)  (Sum of Revenue, Type1, 2020-08) (Sum of Revenue, Type1, 2020-09)  ..

Rev Typ 2                (Sum of Revenue Type2,2020-07) (Sum of Revenue Type2,2020-08) (Sum of Revenue Type2,2020-09) ...


Total Revenu        Sum (Revenues)


Cost Similar to Revenue


Until now a Pivot Table will be solving my presentation issues. 


But now I need to add a couple of formulas                   

Cash out Position    (From previous Values)                                     -10          -11

Cash Flow                                                                                                               15          12

Accumulated Cashflow                                                            11         (11+15-10)       (26+ 12-11) 


Exist the possibility of adding this type of formulas in CASPIO? 


Hope you can help me with this query!. 


Kind regards,





























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Hello @fmcooke,

You can actually create Pivot tables in Caspio.  Here is the HowTo article on how to do that: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/pivot-table/

Talking about adding formulas, you may create a custom formula. Simply add the Totals & Aggregation field, then in 'Summarize value by' select Custom. Please refer to the screenshot.


Hope this helps!

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